I hope no-one is getting too serious

I hope no-one is getting too serious regarding the choice of illustration for the selected birds of Centenary Woodland, most are cribbed from the internet, as is this one of a Chaffinch; nothing like a Chaffinch, I hear you, and I agree, for there is no colour, yet the proportions and topography are recognisable as finch, with the cap and nape contour suggesting Chaffinch.

Very active in Centenary Woodland at the moment, and like many other birds, often seen picking morsels from the woodland floor, maybe seeds or insects for they feed on both according to time of year and availability.

Not everyone appreciates this beautiful creature as evidenced in this cribbed article accompanying the illustration above - 

"Very pretty but common as muck. The scrounger of crisp crumbs, they loiter round car-parks at beauty-spots and even before you’ve got your boots off they’re at your car and after your lunch. Not that they will take a bit from your hand, they’re not that brave."


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