Rea Valley Woodland

Coppicing and felling at Brockley Grove Plantation October 2015 (Photo by Terry Quinn)
The title change is due to the expanding interest in woodlands along the Rea Valley, including -

  • Queen Mother's Plantation
  • Holders Woods
  • Brockley Grove Plantation
  • Hazelwell
  • Centenary Woodland (RSPB)
Forthcoming activities - 
  • RSPB promotion at Cannon Hill (RSPB)
  • Monthly work sessions at Holders Woods and Pebble Fields (Friends of the Fields) Ongoing
  • Coppicing at Brockley Grove Plantation (Rangers, Volunteers) Ongoing
  • Bird Ringing at Holders (Birmingham University) Ongoing
  • Bird box scheme at Centenary Woodland (Birmingham University) Ongoing
  • Bird box scheme at Holders Woods (Birmingham University) Ongoing


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