Brockley Grove - then and now

Holders Woods and Fields east of centre with Brockley Grove to the south, road and turning circle
Article from Birmingham Forum website - 
My old mum and I moved into a prefab on Brockley grove just off dog pool lane (dads lane) in moseley in about 1959 and my old mum thought it was heaven, it had a "fitted kitchen" i.e a built in washing machine, she'd always had to do her washing by hand before and in both bedrooms were "metal" fitted wardrobes. As it was detached, standing surounded with a nice little garden we both loved it. unfortunatly it' now been demolished and  Brockley grove is now unsign posted and is a dog walking area but I will always have very fond memories of mom's little "bungalow".

This map shows the layout of the Brockley Grove prefabs


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