The Cannon Hill Meadow and signs of spring elsewhere

Signs of spring are upon us, hoorah, at least, if not spring, as it's clearly mid winter, we have signs of rebirth, new beginnings, new life, natural occurrings etc.
"Phenology is the study of the timing of natural events in relation to weather and climate." for more information, check the link below -
Snowdrops showing at Kings Heath Park (10th January 2017)

In the midst of winter with arctic conditions forecast and many species yearning the warmer months ahead, we might gain meagre solace, desiring the coming spring, as we witness plants, such as Winter Flowering Cherry, other Prunus species, snowdrops and camelia, to name a few, already in flower.

Over the next few weeks we can expect many changes in the wild, providing us with hopeful signs, positive thoughts and optimism for the year ahead.
The meadow at Cannon Hill, early January 2017

The meadow is flat and somewhat lifeless at the moment
Many plants are evident as prostrate rosettes, hardy specimens
able to withstand winter temperatures (Knapweed spp)


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